How To Hack A Mobile Phone In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Hack A Mobile Phone In 5 Easy Steps

Post  Zack AKA The Fuzz on Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:20 pm

This is to demonstrate how vulnerable your information is if you do not change your PIN from the default.

1. You will need to get the mobile phone number of the target

2. Determine which network the mobile is connected to by using the phone number prefix. For example, 07779 XXXXXX is Orange UK.

3. Get the Mobile Messaging Service for the operator and ring it from ANY line. For example, Orange is 07973 100123.

4. On prompt, enter target mobile phone number plus #

5. On prompt, enter default PIN number (1111 or 1234) plus #

If you're a celebrity or having a fling, changing your PIN number is important.

Zack AKA The Fuzz

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