Gotta be... so macho David Walliams' ban on Sinitta gags and calling Simon Cowell camp

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Gotta be... so macho David Walliams' ban on Sinitta gags and calling Simon Cowell camp

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:51 am

BRITAIN'S Got Talent star David Walliams has revealed twitchy show chiefs BANNED him from making jokes about Simon Cowell's height, his ex-lover Sinitta – and his campness.

David said: "I meet the producers before Simon arrives and I say, 'Can you make jokes about Simon?' and they go, 'What, what kind of jokes?'

"I said, 'Well, I dunno. Jokes about his height?' 'Absolutely no way!'

"'What about jokes about his friendship with Sinitta?' 'No!' 'Jokes about him being camp?' 'He detests jokes about him being camp.' "

But the newbie judge said he has been ignoring their pleas and loves ribbing Simon.

We told how he branded Simon a queen during an audition in Cardiff.

In a chat with BBC Radio 2 yesterday to plug children's writing competition 500 Words, David added: "The first person comes on the stage and they say, 'Oh, my dream is to perform in front of the Queen.'

"I say, 'Well, he's right here, go ahead!' "Simon's laughing, the audience are laughing and it's all good.

"I didn't need to worry because he's got a great sense of humour and he's like the king and I'm the court jester."

David, who joined the panel this year after David Hasselhoff was axed and Michael McIntyre quit, said he was finding it easy to reject deluded wannabes.

He added: "I thought the hardest thing would be pressing the buzzer because I'm an actor, I've been in an audition and I know what it's like to get rejected.

"It's tough but actually sometimes people are rubbish and you want them to stop what they're doing. Also sometimes you want to save their embarrassment because the audience are shouting, 'Off' so you wanna press the buzzer so they don't humiliate themselves any more."

David also revealed he wanted to play 007 on screen. He said: "I would love to be James Bond. When Roger Moore took over from Sean Connery he was almost two years older than me."

And in a reference to his own marathon charity swimming efforts he added: "When Daniel Craig saw me in my swimming trunks covered in lard he thought, 'I can't compete with that.' "


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Re: Gotta be... so macho David Walliams' ban on Sinitta gags and calling Simon Cowell camp

Post  Flap Zappa on Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:47 am

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