EU petition  infiltrated by hackers who used fake postcodes to sign up thousands of times over �

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EU petition  infiltrated by hackers who used fake postcodes to sign up thousands of times over �

Post  wyatt1 on Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:33 pm

The full extent of how hackers managed to hijack the petition demanding a second EU referendum can be revealed by MailOnline.  
Hackers boasted about their exploits in online forums and openly mocked how easy it was to infiltrate the UK Parliament petition website.
The petition has attracted more than 3.7million signatures and has led high profile figures to use the petition as proof of the public appetite for a re-run of last week's referendum, which was won by the Brexit campaign by more than 1.2million votes.
Computer bots were able to use scripts that automatically signed up hundreds of thousands of fake signatures by using the same UK postcode - many of which were the Palace of Westminster's SW1A 0AA address.
They deliberately directed their names to appear as residents of a range of different countries, including tiny states such as Vatican City to 'show your democracies are a joke'.
It meant more than 42,000 signatures were registered in the Vatican City, despite the tiny papal state having a population of just 840.  
There were more signatures registered from the least populous country of Pitcairn Island than the 56 residents living there. 

There were even 24,867 signatures registered in North Korea, where the internet is highly censored and accessed by a tiny minority of the population. 
Thousands were signed up from other tiny states, including Palau, the British Virgin Islands, Liechtenstein, British Virgin Islands, Liechenstein and St Kitts and Nevis - as well as the disputed Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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