The Daily Show 2016 11 30 Tomi Lahren

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The Daily Show 2016 11 30 Tomi Lahren Empty The Daily Show 2016 11 30 Tomi Lahren

Post  dirge on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:19 pm

I put this in Comedy as it has many funny moments

She did well considering it was a biased crowd, but he came off far better in his answers, where she deflected off answering direct questions he did ask

Kind of like some on this forum really

What gets me is I really cannot understand how naive some of these people really are and the steps closer they are bringing themselves to an authoritarian regime, where in the end they will lose many of their freedoms.

At least she said she would be vocal against Trump if he goes back on his words, unlike some on here lol!

Now he next video is spot on about Trump and why using facts against his bullshit is the wrong method to catch him out

Anyway, enjoy


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