Thresa says CUT Immigration

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Thresa says CUT Immigration

Post  Major on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:47 pm

Theresa May today insisted immigration must be cut to help low earners after a huge Home Office leak revealed plans to curb arrivals.

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When she does it she needs to force employers to pay decent wages or fold so OUR out of work people can get a job and survive.

I have been hounded from forum after forum for slating OPEN DOOR immigration, now we have a PM BACKING me.

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Re: Thresa says CUT Immigration

Post  Flix on Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:59 pm

When you consider that so many jobs have moved east or just no longer exist, I wonder why people come here to work, with the exception of nurses, medics and possibly taxi drivers and curry chefs, why aren't they flocking to the places where the industry and manufacturing has gone? Moving for work is one thing, my brothers went aboad after getting a taste for travel in the services but they had to have a job to go to and in many cases it was not a permanent position, locals had to be trained and eventually would be expected to take over. Free movement gives criminals an easy way to come and go and probabaly makes people trafficking a lot easier. Then there's people like the Roma just rocking up and living on the streets, washing in fountains and squating anywhere to pee and worse, not a proper job amongst them, unless you count pickpocketing and begging as a job, some getting thrown out of the country only to come back a couple of weeks later with a different identity, there has to be control on immigration - especially coming to a small crowded island.


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