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Post  wyatt1 on Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:28 pm

Two fifths of Britons have hurt themselves grappling with packaging
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Some foods take more energy to open than they provide when consumed Photo: ALAMY

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By Telegraph View
12:01AM BST 20 Aug 2013
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At last, the true cause of the crisis in A&E is revealed – not Jeremy Hunt, or uncaring GPs, or even the 111 helpline. No, it is packaging. Monstrous, intractable, infuriating packaging. Whether taped or vacuum-sealed, cardboard or plastic, far too much of it is quite impervious to any attempt to prise it open. Not only is the ghastly stuff obstinate, it is practically sentient – for it defends itself vigorously when assaulted with scissors, knives or even hammers. Which? finds that two fifths of Britons have suffered in this conflict, with as many as half a million people sent to the doctor every year just for tin-can-related wounds. Such is the frustration that many of us are altering our shopping habits in the supermarket, in an attempt to avoid foods that take more energy to open than they provide when consumed. Is it too late to go back to brown paper bags?

In the past I have used a Bowie Knife, an Axe, Scissors and Teeth (when I had them)  and the damned thing was past its sell by date by the time I got into it.


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Post  Flix on Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:03 pm

I had begun to think it was me getting feeble. I particularly hate the plastic packaging with the little (minute) free flap thing that you are suppose to hang on to and pull the covering off the package with, its impossible. Even those things on the top of milk bottles give me trouble and those sqeeze and twist tops, especially the cheaper ones, and not to mention the twist tops on soap dispensers, took me ages yesterday to free the pump noozle - ugh!


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