What lurks beneath: plastinated veins of blue shark to feature in new exhibition

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What lurks beneath: plastinated veins of blue shark to feature in new exhibition

Post  Flap Zappa on Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:19 pm


I really like Von Hagens and think his exhibitions are amazing and I would be quite happy to become one of them.

as to Damien Hirsts shark I saw that about 10 years ago at the saatchi galery and I was not at all impressed. You could just about make it out through the green coloured goo in the tank.
Hopefully they will have replaced the formaldehyde for this exibition.
the Tracy Emin bed was also a load of old twaddle. However there was one exhibit that did provoke some thought. visions of hell by Jake and Dino chapman
Most modern art though, does not do it for me. It seems the hardest part is coming up with a catchy title and then you can tack any old crap onto it.

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