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Here we go again - Bird Flu

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Here we go again - Bird Flu Empty Here we go again - Bird Flu

Post  Bert Assirati on Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:27 am

Experts are concerned about the spread of a new strain of bird flu that has already killed one woman in China.
The 73-year-old from Nanchang City caught the H10N8 virus after visiting a live poultry market, although it is not known for sure if this was the source of infection.  A second person has since become infected in China's Jiangxi province.

Scientists told The Lancet the potential for it to become a pandemic "should not be underestimated".

Pandemic risk
Scientists who have studied the new H10N8 virus say it has evolved some genetic characteristics that may allow it to replicate efficiently in humans.  The concern is that it could ultimately be able to spread from person to person, although experts stress that there is no evidence of this yet.

The WHO (not the bloody group) are still trying to gain face after the last outburst warning the world about mass casualties.

Bert Assirati

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Here we go again - Bird Flu Empty Re: Here we go again - Bird Flu

Post  Flix on Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:11 pm

Its no suprise all these N1H whatever number you choose keep coming out of China after what Ive been reading and seeing. Video of
a shop or whatever slaughtering chickens, the whole shop front is open with a raised slab for chopping the poor things heads off, al the blood just flows into the gutters and the slab and the shop floor are awash with it and carcasses just lie in piles amongst it. Then there's the fish which are farmed and I use the term loosely, in large ponds it didn't mention if they are ever cleaned out and suspended above the ponds are wire cages in which chickens are kept, all the waste from the chickens falls into the pond and this is what the fish eat. Vegetables are grown using untreated human sewage. So who knows what is lurking ready to emerge and spread all over the world.


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