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Had to go to the dentist today

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Had to go to the dentist today Empty Had to go to the dentist today

Post  Flap Zappa on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:26 am

I had to visit the dentist today as a temporary fix to a broken crown gave up the ghost after about two years at the weekend. I had snapped off the crown a couple of years ago and got charged £100 for the temporary fix which involved gluing it back on using a metal rod as a support. the dentist at the time informed me that to fix it properly would cost £900 which is why I never went back. It lasted 2 years so was not bad I suppose. however as it came out at the weekend after I had a sticky toffee chocolate car, cost about 20p, I had to go to the dentist today and she had a look at it and suggested that I have a proper implant done, which is similar to what my UK dentist told me I would need, total cost would be £300. Well I am a bit strapped for cash at the moment so decided that I would wait for a while to have that done and asked her to do another temporary job of glueing it back in. Which she did and a very good job too. total cost £7.
If you need major work on your teeth then I can strongly recommend a trip to turkey to get them done. you can get a 2 week holiday here and get your teeth done at the same time for far less than a private dentist in england and I can assure you the work is top notch. Health tourism is now big business in turkey. A crown will cost about £50 and can be done in about 3 or 4 days.

I certainly would not put my teeth in the hands of an NHS dentist. My old dentist who I have been going to for donkeys years before I moved said one of his patients moved to the NHS after labour changed the rules on payments and was told she needed some teeth out when she went there, she decided to get a second opinion from my dentist and brought the xrays to show him and the NHS dentist had not even xrayed the correct teeth and all they need was some filling work.
Of course there are bound to be some good NHS dentists but I would not trust them with my choppers.
They do not get paid to save your teeth which is much more expensive than pulling them. So if they tell you they need to come out, get a second opinion.

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Had to go to the dentist today Flaptrap1
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