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Indrid Cold - The Grinning Man

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Indrid Cold - The Grinning Man Empty Indrid Cold - The Grinning Man

Post  fatbob5 on Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:16 pm

Men in Black, or MIB, are sometimes reported by people during periods of UFO or rumored alien activity. People say the MIB could be government agents, others say they could be aliens disguised as humans. Even though no one is sure what they are, it is generally accepted that the MIB are part of a wider organization, except for an urban legend which tells of one particular entity who is similar to reports of MIB by the name of Indrid Cold. Unlike similar encounters with MIB, Indrid Cold has a name, although it is disputed whether he is actually one entity or multiple. He does also have a nickname as well, the Grinning Man.......

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