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Post  Major Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:33 pm

Today I had some fun, I'm a nosey bleeda.

I parked car in a pay display area, got my ticket and stuck it on windshield.

I was walking away and I heard, "you pompous bas****"

Twaz an old age geeza and wife trying to park in a disabled allocated space which a twack in a Jaguar had almost half parked in, thus taking 2 spaces and making the other one unusable, he had 5 feet behind to go back but refused several times.
I told him to move back so the oldies could park, he badmouthed me and I almost fell over laffin, BTW the jag also had a blue badge showing.

2 young lads came over and told him to move back or "i'll slash ya tyres",
I called the Jag man a few names myself and said "good on ya lads".

I had to go, went back 65 minutes later to see two tyres on the Jag flat  and plod standing there, the bloke pointed me out out to plod and he came over asking "if I had done it".
I told him "I will not comment unless the Jag geeza makes a signed statement", plod said he could arrest me on suspicion, I told him "threats did not work on me go and get facts", we bandied a few words and he walked away, so did I laffin out loud. CHEEKY BLEEDA.
Down by the bank I was told the two lads did it and scratched it.

All this because of a pompous bas****, he got his just deserts.

Must admit I enjoyed it.

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