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Post  Flap Zappa on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:26 pm

A great Sci Fi Author I have been enjoying over the last couple of years is David Weber.
I particularly like his Honor Harrington series.
He has developed a very well rounded universe based on 3 main military spheres although. the star kingdom of Manticore, Haven and the solaran empire. The main character is Honor Harrington and the books follow her career from the time was a commander of HMS Fearless right up to where she becomes the Head of the Star kingdoms Navy.

the characters evolve nicely over the dozen or so novels so far and Weber is the master of the space battle. He obviously has a love of the hornblower era.
If you are a science fiction fan then I can't recomend this series enough. It has also led to a number of spin offs and short story anthologies which flesh the whole series out.

You can get many of the series for free here, also there are many other authors available there and dozens of free books.
Mind you
like heroin dealers they let you have it free in the beginning, but then they make you pay. But at $6 a book it is more than worth it.

Has anyone else read any?

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