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Hundreds of sheep 'rain' on Melbourne motorists

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Hundreds of sheep 'rain' on Melbourne motorists Empty Hundreds of sheep 'rain' on Melbourne motorists

Post  wyatt1 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:18 pm

Falling sheep hit vehicles in the Australian city of Melbourne after a lorry carrying livestock overturned on a flyover.

As the truck carrying 400 sheep hung precariously, its cargo plunged on to the road below.

Several cars were smashed as they were hit by the falling animals or swerved to avoid them.

Many sheep were killed or injured, but Melbourne police said there were no human casualties.

Police say that the lorry was travelling to the town of Geelong when the accident occurred on the flyover above the Princess Freeway.

The cause of the incident is still being determined.

"This is quite an unusual event," Allan Eade, a paramedic, told the Associated Press news agency.

"First of all we looked up and we could see the truck flip on its side and the next minute we were underneath and well, yeah, it rained sheep," passenger Christey Davis also told AP.

Dunno if this is really the right section for this??
Dont think it will get seen in the News(?) section though Suspect


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