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Men In Black 3

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Post  Flap Zappa on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:20 am

Went to see this today and I enjoyed revisiting the men in black franchise. It's 14 years later and K and J are still catching aliens and K is still as grumpy as ever.
enter Boris the Animal who K caught and imprisoned on the moon 40 years earlier after shooting his arm off. Boris is not a happy chappy and escapes from the moon and manages to go back in time and stop K catching him and kills him there by making modern K disappear from the future with Only J able to remember him. Long story short. J has to go back in time and stop K being killed and stop both Boris's from killing him and opening the earth up to invasion. James Brolin is great as the younger K and has Tommy Lee Jones down pat although he is a much more upbeat person 40 years earlier.
IT's a fun romp and a reasonable addition to the series and the 3D is not overdone at all. Very subtle mainly. A couple of occasions where things shoot out at you, but by and large that sort of nonsense is avoided. I would give this a 7 or maybe 7.5 on a good day.

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