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Post  Major on Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:31 pm

which was not going very fast, suddenly it swerved to the left, then to the right taking a traffic sign with it which blocked the entire singul road.
Myself and othuz went to see if driver was OK, he could not speak a word of English and was wee weed up, yes PISSED.
Took 10 minutez for plod to arrive and the traffic was backed up for bleedin milez.
The Polish driver had moved his truck so some could pass but the road sign was still a prob, plod would not let us manhandle it in case we injud ourselves.
They breathalized geeza arrested him.
I climbed up the nearside of the tractor unit and had a looksee, 5 empty Vodka bottles, some full and one part full.

About half hour had elapsed by now 6 coppers on job, took loadz of photographs one copper said he was waiting for heavy lifting equipment, well that pissed ME off so I asked other drivuz to help me shift the road sign which we did, copz went yampi and took our names but the traffic flowed lovely when another driver shifted the truck.


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