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The dark truth about bestiality parties

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The dark truth about bestiality parties Empty The dark truth about bestiality parties

Post  Costa on Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:40 pm

This week, a court heard how 64-year-old Carol Bowditch was filmed as she had sex with dogs and then their owners at animal sex parties in the UK.

The case exposed the seedy underworld of bestiality and the people who take part in the extreme activity. investigated the parties and what drives those that take part in them.

The forums where zoo parties – human and animal orgies – are discussed are full of threads with advice for those arranging events for the first time.

One woman describes how her first time was in front of her husband and eight other members of their BDSM group.
She explains how she was tied to a ‘breeding bench’ – a restraint device – and ‘taken’ by a Black Lab as the others watched..

The most sought after locations for zoophile orgies are the discreet ones. Zoophiles often express the desire to find rural sites that are remote enough to ensure privacy but are still accessible for those taking part.

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Honestly, this is truly disturbing that there is many of these depraved people out there.

Those poor animals .... I was reading a thread on DS, where I was shocked to learn that female dogs are being raped to the point of death in America.


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The dark truth about bestiality parties Empty Re: The dark truth about bestiality parties

Post  Flix on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:13 pm

I can never get over some human beings capacity for cruelty and depravity with not just their own species but just about every other species. It makes me wonder how we managed to advance as far as we have with the amount of deep mental sickness humans seem to have


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