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Post  Guest on Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:11 am

Some highlights from the online book of rememberance:

"I think that the Queen Mum and Princess Diana are our very own Twin Trade Towers. At last we can look the people of New York in the face". - L. Ward,Mansfield.

"When Diana died I swore I would never smile again, but eventually I did. Now the Queen Mum has gone I cannot image that I will ever smile for the rest of my life, but I will probably break that one too". - A. Christie, Hendon.

"She was one of the old school, all the remaining royals are shit" - J. Clement. Grantham.

"I thought she would never die, she has let us all down very badly" - D. Holmes, Somerset.

"She was a trooper and she never gave up. I remember one time she was visiting a school and I asked her if she would like to make a visit to the cloakroom before she left. 'No' she replied, 'I didn't give in to the Nazis and I won't give in to the bladder'. That's how she was, a fighter, who refused to be beaten by anything. She pissed herself later though, it was sickening". - B. Forrester, North Yorkshire.

"She was a marvelous woman, and a wonderful lover". - L. J. Worthington, Penrith.

"I am absolutely devastated, at least we could have got the day off". - S. Wilson, Bristol.

"How refreshing to be able to mourn the death of a member of the Royal family without being accused of being homosexual". - J. Fletcher, High Wycombe.

"Her death should act as a warning to others who think it is cool to experiment with drugs". - E. Franks, Cheshire.

"On behalf of all blacks, I send the sincerest condolences". - T. Watson, Ilford.

"Perhaps if we automated her old golf buggy it could still drive around The Mall on its own and bring pleasure to the tourists". - Y. Howell, Slough.

"Once again the Queen is not upset enough for my liking, the woman should have a bit more compassion, how would she feel if it was her mother?" - W.Waugh, Richmond.

"It is such a loss, God has shat on our heads". - K. O'Neil, Inverness.

"I am sure the Queen Mum will not let this setback put an end to her public duties". - N. Wallace, Swansea.

"I hold Princess Margaret in no small way responsible for this terrible event" - E. Thompson, West Lothian.

"Bomb Iraq for us Tony, its the only thing that will make us feel better" - P. McGregor, Southampton.

"We must do all we can, send blankets, food parcels, jumpers, anything to help these brave souls who are queuing up to walk past her coffin". - R. Thompson, Bath.

"I have been unable to masturbate for five days, and will not do so again until her majesty is buried" - E. Gorman, Derbyshire.


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