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Jurassic world 2

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Post  Flap Zappa on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:33 am

took the mrs to see Jurassic world 2 tonight. If you are a fan you will enjoy it, it is action packed from start to finish. It has the obligatory child in peril.
Isla Nublar is in danger from its volcano which has become active and some people want to save the dinosaurs from extinction again.

John Hammonds old partner who he first created the dinosaurs with want to rescue them, but that man running his business has other ideas and wants to sell them to the highest bidder to get money for a weaponised dino project. You can more or less guess what happens next so I wont spoil it.
But the volcana scenes are action packed if a little unbelievable. chris pratt and a host of dinosaurs outrun a pyroclastic flow.,
But as I say if you are a Jurassic park/world fan then you will love it, my mrs isn't and she enjoyed it very much.

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